The Tall Man by Phoebe Locke

Her friends believed in the Tall Man, and so she did too. The Tall Man requires sacrifices and so the girls obliged, and after that the Tall Man never left them alone…

Sadie really wants to be with her daughter – Amber, but she knows after the birth that it’s too dangerous. The Tall Man takes daughters. So Sadie must stay away to protect Amber until it’s safe.

Amber is now sixteen so Sadie returns home, Miles had never stopped loving Sadie, so he welcomes her into their family home again and tries to create a happy family with the mother of his child who has been gone for 16 years…

Flash forward two years and a camera crew are following Amber around. The world is fascinated with her, as she’s gotten away with murder.

But who did she kill?

The story flits between 1990, 2000, 2016, and 2018 building up the story of Sadie, to allow us to understand why she stayed away for so long, and why she’s still haunted by her past.

We join Amber in 2016 as she reacts to having her mother back in her life. Does she hate her? No, but she does pity her. Amber always imagined what her mum would be like and instead, she’s greeted by a quiet, almost feral like, woman.

Amber isn’t the only one who has their eyes on Sadie, someone else is lurking in the shadows… watching… waiting…

Edgy and gripping, you’ll be left with chills down your spine until you reach the end.

P.S. Greta is a wonderful character!!

The Tall Man is out NOW in paperback and eBook.

*Thank you Jenni over at Headline/Wildfire for sending me a copy, and although this review is my way of saying thanks – it is my own honest thoughts on the book*

Until next time, Chloé x


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