Reading is my passion. It’s my way of unwinding. I originally started my blog as I read so much I couldn’t remember every plot and whether I liked it. Being able to summarise a book in a few hundred words is something I take pride in. I love getting comments from others saying they’re going to go out and buy a book because I’ve suggested it.

My favourite genre has to be psychological thrillers but I originally started my passion with a love for legal thrillers. So any thriller goes down well! I’ve also found I enjoy the odd contemporary plot particularly a chick lit to relax. Some authors are able to push me outside my typical genre such as Lucinda Riley, the way she spins a fictional story into factual past fascinates me.

You can find me over at bookbridgr also.

If you’d like to send me a book to review, please note I only accept physical copies (hardbacks/paperbacks)

Chloé x