The Lingering by S J I Holliday

Wow. Just thinking about this book is sending shivers down my spine; it’s hauntingly good, dark, twisty and irresistible for thriller lovers.

Ali and Jack have arrived at Rosalind House. It’s a community house started by Smeaton Dunsmore and is a place that welcomes members who want to switch off from the outside word, create a sustainable life and, become at peace with themselves.

But Smeaton doesn’t let just anyone come and live there, he has rigorous tests that new members have to pass to ensure that they’ll fit in with the current residents. Except Smeaton let Ali and Jack bypass the months of interviews and let’s them stay immediately…

Now they’re here and they’re trying to settle in. But it’s hard – their lives were so different to these relaxed, nosey and suspicious residents. But who can blame the others? Why has Smeaton allowed Ali and Jack to bribe their way in?

Angela likes to see the good in everyone and wants to befriend Ali to make her feel welcome. But it’s not going to plan. Their arrival has awoken the supernatural. Ali is tormented in the bath, the kitchen… it’s terrifying for her. But Angela isn’t afraid, she’s curious. She’s been plotting supernatural activity at the house for a LONG time.

But why are the ghosts acting up now?

Meanwhile we’re also given an insight into Dr Henry Baldock’s Journal from the 50s which details the day to day findings, he discovers at Rosalind House whilst it was an active asylum. We’ve all read other stories or heard of the horrific events that went on in asylums across the country, and Rosalind House is just like the rest, lots of sadness and unnecessary pain.

My head was working ten to the dozen, clunking away on overdrive, trying to work out the links to the past and the twists in present day.

As the plot got darker, my heart rate continued to rise and I knew sleep wouldn’t happen until I’d finished the story… so be warned! Holliday’s skill at building up pace is exceptional, it just kept on picking up and the plot got juicier and more shocking.

The characters jump off the pages reeling you in with their thoughts, letting you get to know them and then, just when you think you’ve sussed them out… they’ll start to show their true colours! Holliday’s strong characterisation is to be applauded, as combined with the pace of the plot, she’s created a phenomenal thriller.

For fans of Pinborough’s Behind Her Eyes, Locke’s The Tall Man and Green’s In a Cottage In a Wood – I think The Lingering will be right up your street, so give it a go now!

The Lingering is out on November 15th in paperback and eBook form from Orenda Books.

If you want to ‘linger’ (I COULDN’T HELP IT!) any further before you pre order then why not check out the other amazing stops on this blog tour:


Thanks to Anne Cater for introducing me to this book through her wonderful blog tours and thanks to Karen over at Orenda Books for sending me the book!

Until next time, Chloé



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