Summer of Secrets

The summer of 1939 was eventful for young Maddie – her sister has returned home and she’s brought a curious group of friends along with her; but war is also brewing and this brings someone else into Maddie’s life – someone she must help keep hidden…

In present time, Chloe is also keeping someone hidden – her unborn child. Her husband; Aidan, will be absolutely delighted, as he has been wanting them to start a family for so long, but telling him will mean she’s accepting to being trapped in the structured, controlled and boring life she currently leads. Is that what she wants?

And then a phone call ignites something within Chloe that spurs her to make changes. It’s time for her to do something she loves again – photography. The job leads her to Maddie, and little do these two women realise what a big impact they will have on one another.

With the plot flitting between Maddie’s younger times and the present, the reader is able to piece together the story of a remarkable woman – and reveal how her past decisions have left her in her current state.

Scott’s writing style is so wonderfully descriptive that I felt transported to Summerhill and swept up in each moment with the characters. The plot has a little bit of everything thrown in which created the most magnificent treat for me; as the reader, to divulge. There’s love, history, betrayal, heartache and much, much more.

Whilst Maddie’s past brings with it so much sadness, sadness is also currently tagging along with Chloe – and this is something that can be fixed, Maddie and her photography work unlock the strength she needs to change her future.

Scott manages to open the doors on a very real and scary issue, and really home in on what it would be like in that situation. I hope that if someone was reading this book and was going through similar circumstances, that they’d be able to draw the courage and strength that begins to radiate off Chloe, and change their lives too.

A story that draws on the bright and dark sides or romance, sweeps you into war time England, and reveals a wonderful friendship – truly beautiful.

Summer of Secrets will be out in paperback on 6th September, so just around the corner now 🙂

*Thank you so much Becky over at Headline for sending me this truly delightful book, this review is my way of saying a BIG THANKS for always posting me such wonderful stories*

Until next time, Chloé x


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