A quick review on: Still Me by @jojomoyes

Louisa is back again for a third time. She’s now in New York working for a rich wife named Agnes. Agnes is lonely and desires a companion, but although Agnes claims Louisa is a friend, at the end of the day she’s an employee and is required to run around like a headless chicken completing the endless tasks that Agnes demands.


Louisa continues to hear Will’s thoughts in her head and tries to take his advice each day. I love the connection Louisa has with Will – it’s not overpowering, she’s no longer grieving, she’s just allowing his wise words to guide her.


In a job with little free time, trouble begins to brew in her relationship. Can she and Sam really last a long distance relationship? Will one of them be tempted by someone closer to home? The way Moyes articulates Louisa’s thoughts on her relationship is so similar to myself and friends, I couldn’t help but connect with Louisa even more than I had already.


The plot just keeps on giving, there’s a lot to take in. Grumpy dogs, old ladies, clothes galore and a rather sexy American.


Moyes has created such an iconic character. Louisa – is the girl next door, your best friend and your inner self; she’ll make you realise you can do whatever you want. She’s not perfect and her life is never plain sailing, but her kindness is infatuating.


Let’s all be more kind. Let’s all be more like Louisa.


Gahhhh, I miss her already!


Until next time, Chloé x


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