You Were Made for This

Wow. Wow. Wow.

This book completely took me by surprise. When I first started it, I was enjoying the underlying suspense as I was introduced to Sam, Merry and their cute baby; Connor, and the happy family image they portray to the outside world.

And then bam. It all starts to unravel and the dark side of Sam and Merry begins to come to light.

What excited me most about this book was the ever evolving plot, I just couldn’t guess which direction it was going to take next. Frank; Merry’s friend, was such a catalyst to this plot. Her arrival in Sweden, opened up the doors to the past and revealed some shocking truths.

It’s difficult to relate to any of the key characters in this book; they’re incredibly selfish, cruel and their morals are questionable, but I didn’t see this as a drawback, in fact I think it only added to the gripping nature of this plot. I was utterly absorbed in reading what these ‘not-like-me’ characters would do, how far would they go?

This is the quintessential page turner. Perfect in every way!

*I received an advanced copy through a twitter competition, so grateful and feeling very lucky to have read this beauty before publication date*

Until next time, Chloé x


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