A quick review on: Guilt by @AmandaRauthor

Zara and Miranda are twins, they’ve been inseparable all their lives. Except now one of them has killed the other.
The past allows us to meet Zara’s new boyfriend; Sebastian, and it’s clear he’s very much connected to present events… but why is he trying to drive a wedge between these two women?

Robson’s first book – Obsession – has to be one of my most recommended psychological thrillers, her skill in crafting such toxic and addictive characters and relationships makes her words hook you from start to finish. Did Guilt live up to my expectations? Hells yes. I loved it just as much as her first.

Packed full of suspense, the build up to the court case was unbelievable. The plot is set up in a way that you know what the truth must be, but you need to find out how it’ll be uncovered, the fast paced nature suited me down to a T, I couldn’t have raced through these pages any quicker if I’d tried. The very short chapters complimented the fast paced nature and created even more momentum. Top marks to Robson, her writing style is absolutely perfect.
Highly recommend!

Until next time, Chloé x