The Half Sister by Sandie Jones

A normal Sunday dinner with the family, tension is already brewing between Kate and Lauren, neither know what is truly going on for the other. Lauren is miserable in her marriage, and Kate is desperately trying to get pregnant with IVF but neither know. Lauren’s husband; Simon, is being his usual irritating self and Rose; their mother, seems to look past all this as she’s so desperate for this “Sunday lunch” normality since her husband died.

A knock on the door and life gets a whole lot messier… a young woman claims to be their half sister.

Kate is devastated Harry; her father, was everything to her, she was a daddy’s girl, this women is clearly a liar. Lauren feels differently, she has some memories from earlier years that would point to her father not being perfect.

As Lauren befriends Jess and tries to bring her closer to their family, Kate sets out to prove that Jess is a liar. With Kate being a journalist, she has the skillset and the connections to discover the truth.

As the plot unravels, the story begins to branch out and present us with other events to absorb, but is it misdirection or is it all connected?

I read this book in a day and was utterly enthralled throughout; the fast nature of the plot had me turning the pages quickly and eager to find out the truth.

The contrasting opinions of the two sisters obviously contributed a lot to the tension in this plot, but I thought it also captured how many siblings feel about distortion in family memories and the green eyed monster surfacing that is often unnecessary, and could be resolved by communicating their inner thoughts and feelings.

Gripping, twisty and the perfect antidote to switch off your mind from the outside world!

The Half Sister is out now in paperback and eBook versions from Pan.

Until next time, Chloé x


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