The Recovery of Rose Gold by Stephanie Wrobel

Now this is a book that draws you in very quickly. I loved how early on it had me guessing!

Patty has spent five years in prison after being found guilty by a jury for aggravated child abuse against her daughter, Rose Gold. Now in the present, she’s moving in with her daughter. Is Rose Gold mad?! Why is she letting her mother back into her life?

The story flips back and forth and gives the reader insight into what has been going on with Rose Gold whilst her mother has been in prison… and given all she’s been through it’s no wonder that she invites her mother back to her home…

Trying to piece together this story was like solving a 1000 piece puzzle, and I was up for the challenge. The narrative is split between Rose Gold and Patty, who both present themselves to the reader as unreliable characters making it tricky to know when to trust them… but one of them is telling the truth… right?!

Wrobel has packed so much suspense into this plot, I was entranced throughout. The suspense was drawn out more with Wrobel’s incredible ability at teasing out all the vulnerabilities/weaknesses in both women and amplifying them in their current situation, which drew an array of emotions out of me – I went from being heartbroken, to angry, to understanding and then round and around this emotional roundabout until I found the right exit fro the ending… I bet you’re wondering where it left me, aren’t you?

With the pacy nature of this plot and my mind figuring out my feelings towards Patty and Rose Gold, I felt the ending came too soon, I wasn’t ready for it!

A fantastic thriller that will have you gripped throughout and also a great choice for a bookclub – there are so many topics/events within this story that spark conversation.

The Recovery of Rose Gold is out now in paperback, hardback and eBook versions from Penguin.

Until next time, Chloé x


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