Exit by Belinda Bauer

Bauer has been an “auto buy” author for me for a while and her books never disappoint. Exit offers a large dose of wit thrown into a sophisticated and slick thriller plot resulting in a very clever and enjoyable read.
Felix Pink is an Exiteer, someone that sits with a dying person as they take their last breath and removes all sight of it being a suicide, allowing family members to have no issues with claiming the life insurance. All the people Felix sits with are terminally ill, and in so much pain or struggling to breathe, that he never feels morally wrong in his role as an Exiteer… but then it all goes wrong.
When Felix hears sirens outside the house he is in, he flees without his briefcase that hides the evidence of suicide but not before he hears a much older, iller man call out to him that he’s late. Felix then realises the wrong man has died, how could this be?
When PC Calvin Bridge arrives at the scene and sees the dead body and the briefcase, an investigation begins to unravel the truth.
Felix is a charming, old man and makes a delightful main character. His personality for being a “do gooder” gets him into further trouble, and had me chuckling away as the events unfolded, he was just too lovely.
PC Bridge’s personality complimented Felix’s by being similar in some aspects but with a slight edge, covering his past that unraveled slowly through the book. Bauer creates such a connection between her characters and the reader, letting you explore their deepest, darkest and most emotional memories.
The concept of the Exiteers allows you to explore your own thoughts on what they do but also provided such an interesting premise for this plot.
Bauer has created a light hearted thriller, which is now my favourite kind of book, the blend of humour with the thrill of a mystery is a match made in heaven.
If you enjoyed The Thursday Murder Club, I think you’ll love this too!
Exit is out now in hardback and eBook versions from Bantam Press.
Until next time, Chloé x

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