The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman

If by some chance you haven’t already read this book then read on to find out why you should…

If you have read it, shall we just have a quick virtual nod together to commemorate our great taste in books and our agreement that The Thursday Murder Club is the most recommendable book of 2020?! Seriously… I’ve already lent this book to my nana… and next to a friend, how often does it happen that you find a book that has such appealability to people with different book tastes?!

Osman’s witty and astute personality that I witness every time I see him on TV, is present throughout his writing resulting in a plot that is the perfect blend of humour, intelligence and suspense.

Set in a retirement village, Osman takes the reader on a hunt to discover the killer with the detectives being four residents, who believe they can solve the case before the police. And when you read this book, you realise why these four will solve it before the police… because they have endless determination and creative ways of deciphering a clue!

Elizabeth, Joyce, Ibrahim and Ron are four people that I now want in my life, they made me laugh, loosen up and remember to enjoy life. They certainly didn’t let their age hold them back… in fact they put me to shame with their energy!

With a wonderful set of main characters and a location that was a blend between Midsomer Murders and Agatha Raisin’s village, the last ingredient needed was a mysterious murder – Tony’s death. Tony was not a well liked man presenting our amateur detectives with a long list of suspects to work their way through and providing me with endless entertainment and intrigue.

A thriller doesn’t need to be dark and moody, in fact light hearted and cosy is the tonic that we all need in 2020, and it doesn’t take away from the key thriller attributes: pace, suspense and grip-ability. The Thursday Murder Club is everything you’d want from a book – magnificent!

I can’t wait for Book 2!! 🙂

The Thursday Murder Club is out now in hardback and eBook versions from Viking.

Until next time, Chloé x

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