A Time for Mercy by John Grisham

He’s done it again. Grisham has produced another thriller that has an unbelievably smart plot but also pushes you to think more than any other thriller writer, and not in a “can you guess the twist” way, but in a way that makes you consider what is morally right and what does your gut think.

In A Time For Mercy, Drew has shot his mother’s boyfriend, there’s no doubt about who killed Stuart but does Drew deserve to be sent to the gas chamber?

With Stuart being a cop, the whole of Clanton are rallying behind the police to see justice served. But the more time Drew spends locked in jail, the more the cops realise he’s just a small, underdeveloped sixteen year old boy. But he’s guilty…

Jake Brigance has been given little choice about being Drew’s lawyer and watches the town turn against him… again, because as a Grisham fan, I know Jake. Jake was the star of A Time To Kill when he defended Carl Lee and also takes on the Hubbard case in Sycamore Row. I love Jake! He’s a good father, a loving husband and a cracking lawyer, so it was good to be reunited with him!

If anyone could save Drew from death row, I knew Jake could, but with the evidence so clear how can he get the jury to approach this case in a different way… and have mercy.

Grisham has created another flawlessly complex plot that packed in so much detail but never managed to lose it’s pace, it was gripping from the start to the finish.

Drew’s case was fascinating to read, I assumed Jake would use the same tactics he used in Carl Lee’s case, and whilst he considered it, Drew’s case was a completely different can of worms. I loved watching it unravel and seeing Jake’s mind work as he brainstormed through all his options.

Another bonus of being back with Jake and his family was the insight into their lives, it was great to catch up with them but also to witness the effect Drew’s case had on them all, a lot to ponder throughout!

  • Comforting ~ because there’s nothing I love more than a Grisham novel
  • Clever ~ how does Grisham always pack in so much detail and so much pace and so many genius moves in a trial?!
  • Addictive ~ again… what would Jake’s next move be?

Nobody does it better… *get Carly Simon’s lyrics going in your head*… than Grisham. He is the king of trial plots!

A Time for Mercy is out now in hardback and eBook versions from Hodder & Stoughton.

Until next time, Chloé x

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