The Other Passenger by Louise Candlish

Wow. What a plot! This was one of those books that continues to surprise you until the very last page. The final 100 pages were TWISTS GALORE, they just kept coming!

In the first few pages you find out that Kit has gone missing. His friend Jamie is the first person the police interview after Melia (Kit’s wife) alerted the policeman that Kit hadn’t been seen in days. The police seem suspicious of Jamie and have numerous questions about the night before Kit went missing, when Jamie was seen arguing with Kit…

As Jamie begins to recount the past, Candlish takes the reader back in time to the 12 months leading up to Kit’s disappearance. Jamie and Kit met when Clare (Jamie’s girlfriend) invited her new work colleague; Melia and her partner (Kit) over for dinner. The four seemed to have hit it off despite their age difference, Jamie and Clare are twenty odd years older than Melia and Kit and whilst at first Clare and Jamie show their maturity against these two youngsters, it becomes apparent that age doesn’t equate to wisdom.

The year unfolds and reveals some rather surprising secrets that only fuel the suspicion surrounding Jamie’s involvement in Kit’s disappearance. But did he really do it? He’s a despicable main character that really ruffled my feathers the wrong way, but even still…

Candlish is like the conductor of an orchestra, with her chapters being her instruments, she masterfully knows just the right time to bring in the next element to create the maximum effect on the reader’s emotions, pulling it all together simultaneously and seamlessly.

The story builds to a crescendo and then we experience non-stop shock in the final quarter which left me SPEECHLESS!

Sharp and guaranteed to mislead you, this is an immensely gripping story.

The Other Passenger is out now in hardback and eBook versions from Simon & Schuster.

Until next time, Chloé x

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