Arrowood by Mick Finlay

Move over Sherlock, there’s another detective in town – Arrowood. Along with his sidekick Barnett, they’re about to take on a case that’ll have them spying on enemies, finding the truth hidden within the lies and uncovering a scandal far bigger than just a missing brother.

Finlay has expertly plotted a story that will keep you guessing and have you flying through the pages.

The compelling story is brought to life through some incredible characters. Arrowood radiates through the pages with his booming personality – he’s smart, he’s often grumpy, and he’s partial to bossing Barnett around; but nevertheless he has the heart of gold. It’s difficult to not warm to him, plus his frustration towards Sherlock Holmes and his success provides amusement to the pages. Whilst he comes across strong, it’s clear his wife having left him, has left his heart vulnerable and his hope for a reconciliation leaves you yearning for his happiness.

The story is told through Barnett’s eyes, he’s a man who is focused on his work and completing all of Arrowood’s requests.  Although at first it seems we learn more about the other characters rather than about himself, eventually the snippets of information fall into place and your heart will be tugged all over again – Barnett is such a sweet man and has suffered greatly.

Through these two main characters and all the others we meet, humour is weaved into the pages through their thoughts and conversations.

Finlay has brought 1895 London to life and I felt transported through his words – the gritty, dirty and more dangerous aspects of everyday life reel you in and provide for a refreshing change to the more upmarket and wealthy society that Holmes is often portrayed in.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and have already added the second in the series – The Murder Pit – to my wishlist. It’s great to have another detective series set in such a fascinating era.

Arrowood is out now in paperback and eBook form, published by HQ.

*I received a free copy of this book at a HQ blogging event, I chose to review it here on my blog*

Until next time, Chloé x



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