Blood Orange by Harriet Tyce

Wow. What an incredible book this is. I’m completely blown away by how much I loved this story, given the fact the main character is hardly the most likeable.

The way Tyce linked up this plot made it a cracking read, the flow from prologue to the end was GENIUS. I hadn’t guessed what was going on in the background until WHAM the truth was revealed – very cleverly built up.

Alison is a barrister who’s just landed her first murder case; her career is on the rise, she’s got a lovely little girl and a husband who helps out and cooks. Yet Alison just can’t seem to settle and appreciate what she’s got. Temptations are all around her and although she tries to resist, each time she ends up giving in and waking up full of regret.

Her addictive personality could ruin everything, and now texts are arriving. Should she report it?

Is it connected to her work? Alison is defending Madeleine who is charged with the murder of her husband. Madeleine is happy to tell the court she’s guilty but Alison senses there is more to the story. Can she get Madeleine to open up?

Whilst it’s difficult to say Alison is a character to be admired, I can’t knock her dedication to her work. Her home life might be a wreck but I wouldn’t mind having her as my lawyer – her passion and dedication, thawed my earlier impression of her.

Tyce has created a story that teases out the worst in people and deceits the reader, it’ll lure out the addiction in all us readers – to keep coming back until the words are all gone, and leave you craving more.

Dark, sultry and a story that unravels with pace and finesse.

Blood Orange will be out in hardback and eBook on 21 February (TOMORROW!!) by Wildfire.

*I won a copy of this book in a Twitter competition and chose to review it here on my blog*

Until next time, Chloé x


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