The Plus One

Oh how I loved you Polly! Polly is the main character in this stonkingly good chick lit, which is Money-Coutts debut as an author, and WHAT a character she has created.

We can all sympathise with Polly, it’s never fun when you’re single and your best friend is getting married, suddenly all you can think about is the fact that you’re in your 30s and you’ve no plus one… and you’re filled with dread at the thought of all the wedding chores you’ll be lumbered with as ‘maid of honour’, and that’s how we’re introduced to Polly.

I warmed to Polly immediately, who couldn’t? She’s got so many qualities that resonate with so many of us, including the daily validation to ourselves of why a calorific croissant is acceptable! And similar to Bridget Jones, Polly finds herself dating a renowned bachelor that goes through girlfriends quicker than I get through a bottle of moisturiser! But will Polly be the one to tame the charming, sexy and ridiculously wealthy Jasper? Will he be buying her a second bottle of her favourite moisturiser… which by the way, she only uses for VERY special occasions!

Whilst her love life seems on the up, Polly still can’t fend off the tears, as her mother is now seriously ill. Susan; her mum, is the definition of a sweetie, she’s thoughtful, kind and always there for Polly. It’s now Polly’s turn to be the strong one and try find the light at the end of the tunnel. The relationship between these two was beautiful to read, like Polly, I’m very close to my mum, and I love reading about similar mummy-daughter relationships.

Luckily Polly has a fantastic network of friends, and Lex, Bill & Joe are there to hold her hand through thick and thin… and even her work colleagues are pretty awesome.

Money-Coutts manages to weave so much ‘realism’ into this book, it’s always linking to the silly traits that we all do in the modern world, for example, how often do we have to fight with ourselves to NOT google illnesses? I do this ALL the time, if I google, I’ll conclude that the worst situation is the one that I’ll be dealt, hence… I’m banned from googling these kind of things… ! Also chicken at a wedding… every blimming time!!

If you’re after a modern chick lit that will make you LOL, this NEEDS to be on your summer TBR list. But maybe don’t suggest it to your mum… I’m not sure I’d want her to be laughing at the same parts as I was…

I picked this up from HQ’s Summer Showcase back in June, such a great event and I had a lot of fun talking to Sophia!

The Plus one will be out in hardback and eBook on 9 August!

Until next time, Chloé x


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