An Ocean of Minutes

Welcome to the penultimate day of the blog tour of An Ocean of Minutes and I’m so happy to be hosting this wonderful book today on my blog!

Polly and Frank’s love is about to be tested. Can they still love each other after many years of not seeing each other? When they finally reunite will each have remained committed to one another?

‘Hmmmm’, I hear you murmur, you’re wondering why they’re apart? Why not just be together all the time?

Because Polly has made the ultimate sacrifice for their love. She’s travelled into the future to allow Frank to receive the health care he needs for a deadly virus in present time. Present time being 1980, and the future where Polly should be working is 1993, except last minute she is rerouted to 1998.

For Polly, it’s only a matter of a couple of days until she sees Frank again as they’ve planned their meeting spot for when she appears. But for Frank, it’s a different story, he’s still stuck in 1980, which means he needs to wait 18 years to see her again… will he wait for her?

This story completely pulled at my heartstrings, when Polly arrives in the future she is so desperate to see Frank and when she realises it’s not going to be as easy as they imagined, I really feel for her, her yearning to be reunited with Frank radiates through the pages.

The book flicks back to the late 70s often, to build up how their romance blossomed so you can truly appreciate how special Frank is to Polly; and this really helped build up the suspense to the moment they meet again in the 90s.

I absolutely LOVED Polly as a main character, she’s very easy to warm to as her personality is packed full of desirable qualities such as determination, loyalty, hard working, selflessness and kindness.

Lim’s writing style is formidable, it’s a cathartic vision. There is no way that you can’t get swept up in the love that flows through these pages, but at the same time your brain is introduced to an imaginative alternative to our past, where many parallels can still be drawn with our own past, particularly surrounding race and class.

I finished this book in less than a day and thoroughly enjoyed it, I can’t imagine anyone not being swept up in this moving tale. Check out the final stop on this blog tour tomorrow over on Cesca Lizzie Reads

Blog tour poster.jpg

Thanks to Ana over at Quercus Books for asking me to be involved in such a wonderful blog tour, you really are a super star!

An Ocean of Minutes is out now

Until next time, Chloé x

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