The Optimist Blog Tour

It’s day two on The Optimist Blog Tour and it’s time for me to share my thoughts on this fabulous book!

Tabitha wants to find love. Don’t we all? Haven’t we read a gazillion books that follow a woman as she meets ‘the one’? Except this one is different. I can say, hand on heart, I have never met a character quite like Tabby. Often in reviews, I try to compare a main character with some from other books to help bookworms get an idea of whether or not they’d like a character. But I really, really struggled to think of a character that Tabby is similar too. She is so unique, and because of this, it made this book very special.

Tabby is no ordinary girl. She lives life to the full and whilst some of us day-dream about how we’d take on the day or pursue a guy, Tabby fulfils her imagination by actually doing it in real life, with some rather disastrous results (for those that have read it, I’ll say two words that will have you laughing: Russian Bathhouse).

My favourite character was definitely Milk. Milk, is Tabby’s childhood neighbour who has moved back in with his dad. He’s always been in the friend-zone for her, but he’s a great man to have in your life; calm, always there and saves the day on multiple occasions. I liked the yin and yang vibe of this friendship, they complimented each other so well and brought out the best in one another.

Yes Tabby is delusional, quirky and obsessed with love, but she’s also incredibly selfless and kind. When Tabby meets Randall, a kid from her niece’s school, I don’t think she even realises the difference she’s made to Randall’s life. To me, both Tabby and Milk brought light back into Randall’s life, as it’s clear he gets none of it from his foster parents.

It’s packed full of giggles, moments that will make you raise your eyebrow and the perfect medicine after a long week in work. If you want a chick lit that’s definitely different, this is the one for you!

Here’s a quick look at my other fellow bloggers who will be taking part in this tour over the next week and a bit! Go show them some love on their days!

A HUGE thank you to Anne Carter for arranging this blog tour, her efficiency and friendliness makes these tours run like a charm!

Optimist Blog Tour Poster .jpg

Until next time, Chloé x


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