A Whole Lotta Love

Flo is determined to find out more about her mother, who vanished into thin air years ago. In the second book; In The Name Of Love, Flo uncovered that her mother is hiding out in Italy. But now she wants all her questions answered and it starts with finding out her mother’s true identity.

Unfortunately, the only person that can tell her this, is her gorgeous Italian ex-boyfriend – Tommaso, and since he made it quite clear she needed to get out of Italy ASAP, she’s not sure quite how accommodating he’ll be when she sees him.

But, ever resourceful, and being a flipping  fantastic private investigator (Flo’s thinking is in my head), she’s managed to source some information that she can use as a bargaining chip…

I can say, hand on heart, I’ve never read such a modern, quirky and refreshing Private Investigator book series, quite like this one. Lee must have had such fun writing this book and the previous two, it really feels like Flo comes alive on these pages and is allowed to run wild and do whatever she wants.

Whilst her main focus is her mum, there are lots of side stories with her lovely brother;  Michael, and some drama with her father’s lover, which will make you raise your eyebrows and have a chuckle.

Flo won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but she was definitely mine. I was trying to think how best to describe her to you all, and then it clicked in my head, she reminds me of how Jessica Jones is played in the Netflix series. Flo might not have super powers, but she definitely has the sass and confidence that Jessica holds.

A Whole Lotta Love is out TODAY (28 June)!

Tune in to my Q&A with Louise Lee on 3rd July!

*Thanks to Jenni Leech over at Headline for sending me a proof copy, so very grateful!*

Until next time, Chloé x



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