I See You

‘routine will kill you…’

This book gave me the creeps! When Zoe finds her photo in the advertisement section in a newspaper, she’s shaken and worried what it could mean. As she explores more she realises that each day a different woman’s photo is in the advertisement and unfortunately some of these women have been the victims of assault on following days… and by different men. The women are targeted due to their commuting routines through London, which giveaway the best moments for an attacker to pounce and get away with it… this gave me the chills as I, myself, am a creature of habit getting on the same train carriage each day and picking the same spot to wait for the tube!!

When Tania is murdered, the police begin to take Zoe’s pleas more seriously and Kelly takes a personal interest in protecting Zoe – something I believe she does out of guilt for not being able to prevent an attack on her twin many years ago.

This book is definitely a page turner, I was hooked in finding out who was behind the advertisements and the website, and about half way into the book things got very interesting … by then it was pretty clear that Zoe knew the person and so I knew it was one of the characters that I’d already been introduced to … but who?

The game between the women and the attackers was described as a game of ‘cat and mouse’ but the real ‘cat and mouse’ tale is the game played between the reader and the author. Macintosh, is the sneaky mouse, who would tantalise the cat (me!) by going down a route that seemed to have only one outcome but then scuttle away in a different direction leaving me bewildered and having to compose myself before chasing after her again…. and the further I got into the book, the cleverer the mouse got…. and when I finally thought I’d won… I realised I hadn’t – the last two pages were her way of saying ‘it’s not over!!’.

It was a tantalising read with well developed characters and a mature writing technique. In other words, I can’t fault this book, the only negative observation was how it made me question the danger of my routine!

Until next time, Chloé x



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