Daisy in Chains

Wow… just wow. I can not get over the ending of this book… Bolton left it right up until the final few pages to give us the truth and it has left me in awe at her story telling ability. It was a shocking spin but a believable one as all the clues were subtlely planted throughout the book… just a little more skilfully than most!

Maggie Rose is a lawyer who specialises in overturning guilty verdicts and her latest case is Hamish Wolfe; who’s been committed for being a serial killer, after being linked to the deaths of three women and a possible fourth whose body hasn’t been found.

The book is a collection of news clippings, letters, police statements and actual story text which makes for an exciting change from the standard style. This book is your typical murder solving thriller with a twist – throughout the book, there are letters from Hamish to and from his lover only referred to as ‘you’ or ‘me’, at times these felt random and distracting from the main plot but they were used to put a further question in your head ‘who are they for?’ and having this added dimension to the book, allowed my brain to overlook some of the hints to how the main plot would open out.

Is Hamish guilty? Or has he been framed? If he’s been framed, who did it? You’ve got these questions going round and round in circles as you read each chapter of evidence. The blame gets thrown around in all directions however always seems to end up back with Hamish being the prime suspect… but when a homeless couple are murdered after revealing they had information on one of the murders… there’s only two possibilities: Hamish has someone on the outside helping him or the killer is still out there….

…. and where is Daisy?

This book has a ROLLERCOASTER of a plot; it’s full of mystery, plot twists and chilling moments. I’ll definitely be buying more books by Sharon Bolton… and soon!

Until next time, Chloé x



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