Expectation by Anna Hope

Expectation tells the story of three women who thing they know what they want in life but when they’re presented with exactly that or denied their only dream, they become lost. Their friendship should help them through life’s ups and downs, but now that they all feel lost, none of them seem to be able to help one another.

Hope has hit the nail on the head when she describes the pressures that women feel right now whether it’s pressures they’ve put on themselves or the expectations of others… or the feeling that you put on yourself assuming others are expecting something of you. All of these expectations are encapsulated in this tale and presented to the reader in a way that you gain perspective on your own worries.

Lissa, Hannah and Cate’s friendship evolves over ten years in this plot and not surprisingly they’ve grown into very different people… can their friendship continue to last?

This is a story that will resonate with all of us in some way because it analyses such a large array of insecurities that we feel as we grow up. At the start of the novel, the three women are twenty nine years old, the same age as I am now. For this reason, I think, the book really resonated with me as it made me feel connected to these three women who have walked ahead of me on this journey of life, and I will learn from their mistakes – the biggest being: don’t let yourself get stuck in a rut. Change may be painful but often it reaps rewards that you had never imagined.

Relatable, captivating and honest.

Expectation is out now in paperback and eBook versions from Black Swan.

Until next time, Chloé x


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