Half A World Away by Mike Gayle

The book splits its narrative between two key POVs: Kerry and Noah. As the front cover describes, these two live completely different lives and the contrasts are clear from the very first chapter.

Kerry lives on an estate in South London with her son; Kian, who is her world. Kerry works hard as a cleaner to give Kian a wonderful childhood and her optimism is infectious. As she sings along to Mariah Carey’s famous Christmas song in February, I couldn’t help but smile, she’s my kind of ‘gal! And yet, sadness follows her around, and we’re let into the reason why in the prologue… a letter to her brother.

As a child, Kerry was taken into foster care and separated from her baby brother, Jason. Kerry’s love for Jason is so pure, it will pull at every single one of your heartstrings. Every year she writes to Jason, letters that are stored at the adoption agency, and Kerry never gives up hope that one day Jason will get in touch.

Noah lives in a beautiful house in Primrose Hill with his gorgeous wife and sweet daughter, and with a very successful career. From the outside he has it all, but take a closer look and you’ll see the cracks.

When these two main characters meet, I experienced such a surge of emotions. Gayle has an uncanny ability of bringing out the most powerful emotions in his characters and his readers!

I’ll leave the rest of the plot as a surprise for you… but be prepared to shed a few tears.

Half A World Away is a story that will remind you how kind people really can be and restore your hope in humanity. It’s a book that will make you smile, relate, laugh and cry. It’s a plot that will shake you to your very core with a twist that you just don’t want to happen. Most importantly, it’s a story that will capture your attention and distract you from the busy world we live in.

Half A World Away is out now in paperback and eBook versions from Hodder Books.

Until next time, Chloé x


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