I picked this book up due to all the hype on twitter and was hoping it would live up to expectations. It did. I fully understand why everybody is obsessed by this book. I managed to finish it in a day and bearing in mind I have a full time job and don’t have many free hours to read… I made it work, because this book was worth it.

When Carly stupidly asks her husband Rob on a drunken night who he would make a pass at if he could, Carly never expected him to pick her good friend Jenni. Carly can’t let it go, jealousy consumes her and her mental health suffers. Unable to tame her anxiety and depression, Carly does something unforgivable. When Jenni and her husband; Craig, split up… Jenni needs a job, Rob comes to the rescue with a receptionist job at his doctor’s practice where Carly also works. Rob, Carly and Jenni are working in very close proximity…. tension occurs and dynamics shift.

I really don’t want to give away any more than I have in the paragraph before because this plot is FULL of plot twists. It was dark, twisted and full of shocks. Both Carly and Jenni become unhinged to the extreme in this book. The title of this book is so fitting it’s truly unreal.

I loved not knowing which direction this plot would go – the personalities of the characters were so unstable that with a flick of a coin… or in this case a page would be more fitting… the events of the tale could change dramatically.

Told from four perspectives: Carly’s, Jenni’s, Rob’s and Craig’s; Robson left me having to work hard to piece together the truth from viewpoints which were biased. What I found impressive was how much the character’s likability shifted in the book and how I was able to like one character for a while and then reverse my opinion and completely dislike them ten chapters later. I found my opinions on both Jenni and Carly did 180s and both in different directions.

Only one teeny weeny thing to moan about… one of the main characters is called Jenni and yet the blurb on the back called her Jenny – I am obsessed by attention to detail and I’m surprised that didn’t get picked up!

If you want to read the best psychological thriller that I have read so far this year… then go grab this – it’s a treat!

Until next time, Chloé x



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