Mrs Porter Calling by AJ Pearce

It’s April 1943 and it’s Emmy’s twenty-fifth birthday. She is surrounded by her dearest friends and whilst the atmosphere is jolly with the wonderful addition of a Victoria Sponge (it is wartime after all, so this is a HUGE treat) she is, of course, missing her husband Charles dearly and hopes for his safe return soon…

Other than her heart aching for Charles’ return, things are going quite swimmingly with her success at work and her shifts at the fire station. Emmy and all her friends are getting stuck in with the war efforts and doing their best!

But, there is a spanner in the works… following the passing of Lord Overton, Woman’s Friend is getting a new publisher! When Mrs Porter first arrives everyone is swept up by her charm, glamour and the compliments she showers over the entire team, but soon after things begin to change and not just the new addition of an extravagant office for madam… Oh no, Mrs Porter has a new vision for the magasine from changing out all the current columns to attracting a different audience. How on earth will Emmy and Guy; the editor of Woman’s Friend and also Emmy’s brother-in-law, be able to juggle Mrs Porter’s increasing demands and not upset and lose all their loyal customers? It’s going to be tricky that’s for sure!

I’ve said it for Dear Mrs Bird and Yours Cheerfully but I’ll say it again, this series is full of the most wonderful characters! I love the kindness that radiates from Emmy and her best friend, Bunty and when they offer for Thelma and her kids to come and live with them… well the whole house is just full of cheerfulness, spirit and better cooking (thanks to Thelma!).

Emmy, is of course, my favourite character – she’s so determined and forever pushing herself to make things right and help others. Her kindness in handling delicate situations will warm your heart, but don’t be fooled, she’s a force to be reckoned with when she’s handling a difficult character… *coughs* Mrs Porter *coughs*!

The way Pearce writes is so special, her words are filled with warmth and capture both the happy times and the sadness that war time brings. The upbeat matter and chin up attitude left me cheery for the rest of the day even though I wasn’t dealing with rations, air raids and the long waits to hear from loved ones!

I absolutely ADORED this book and would recommend it to all – it is utterly marvellous! It’s out NOW in hardback and eBook versions from Picador .

I received a free eBook copy from edpr to review alongside my discussion of it with my fellow Squad Pod ladies, please do check out their reviews also!

Until next time, Chloé x


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