Murder at the Bailey by Henry Milner

Anyone who is a regular on my blog will know how much I love a legal thriller and Murder at the Bailey was right up my street!

As the title implies, there has been a murder outside the Old Bailey, the central criminal court in London. Arrested at the scene and with multiple witnesses, it seems unlikely that Dennis will see anything but a cell wall for many years… except everyone is interested in this case… particularly those in the criminal underworld, *cue* some fantastic larger than life characters!

As the story unravels and you learn more about Dennis and the man he killed, the odds begin to shift in Dennis’ favour with the help of the best legal team in town and sympathy for his situation spreading.

There are plenty of characters in this story and what I loved most about this tale; other than it having a courtroom case with a jury, was how Milner gave us each characters’ backstory to explore and see how it played into their viewpoint on this case, my favourite being that of Mack the Knife – the judge.

Murder at the Bailey has a complex and well developed plot that unravels so masterfully throughout and ends with a bang! The final 100 pages were incredibly clever as secrets were revealed and twists that I had not seen coming were exposed.

Throughout, I just kept thinking how this story was like a blend of a Ben Aaronovitch novel and a John Grisham one, which is a sublime combination if like me, you love a legal thriller and you also love London and the many types of people you find there on both sides of the law!

Murder at the Bailey is out TOMORROW – 16 November and is available in paperback and eBook forms from Biteback Publishing.

Many thanks to Vicky at Biteback Publishing for gifting me an eBook version of Murder at the Bailey and for organising the book tour.


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