Precious You by Helen Monks Takhar

Right from the very first page, you know that Katherine is filled with rage and it’s all directed at Lily. What did Lily do to cause Katherine to be this unhinged? Well we’re about to find out…

This plot unravelled in the most alluring way, always revealing just that little bit more of key information, allowing you to piece together the entire story and figure out why Lily is so intent on being close to Katherine or is she… perhaps Katherine is imagining it all… and this is the reason why this book is so flipping good because throughout it, you’re not sure which way this plot will swing!

The story flips between the narrative of Katherine and Lily showing the contrasts between these two characters but most importantly it shows the similarities between these two, which neither of them even realise.

Katherine is forty one and has been the editor at Leadership magazine for years, she’s worked her way up the ladder and is proud of it. Whereas Lily is in her twenties and seems to have all the qualities that Katherine hates in a millennial but is Lily really that bad for taking advantage of all that is on offer to her, isn’t that what we all do or tell others to do? I felt Helen presented this argument in a very non biased way to the reader, letting each individual that reads this book come to their own conclusion.

The further you read, the more intrigued you become at figuring out the truth behind this cat and mouse game being played out. Helen plants so many seeds – some subtle and some not, that I believed I knew what connected the two main characters and I was proved wrong at every guess! Precious You has an ending that is unpredictable!

Precious You is out now in hardback and eBook versions from HQ.

Until next time, Chloé x

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