The Cat and The City by Nick Bradley

I adored this book so much, it was mesmerising and utterly brilliant, I’ve never read a book quite like this and don’t think I ever will again… the story is just so unique and special!

As the title implies, the story follows a cat in a city, this city being Tokyo and what a fascinating city it is. The book is made up of lots of short stories that are independent from one another but all connect through the cat and some other small connection, such as  the main character being a background character in another story.

Through the pages, we meet some interesting characters and see the city through their eyes. Each character added a different perspective on the city and a different situation to be worked through.

Not only are the stories enticing and unique in terms of plot, Bradley also presents the reader with more than just words, he uses pictures in one story and manga in another. It added another layer of WOW factor to this book, ensuring I will remember it for life.

Whilst this is a short review, it’s only because I’ve struggled to find the words… but hopefully my love for this book is CLEAR!

It’s a winner!

The Cat and The City is out now in Hardback and eBook versions from Atlantic Books.

Until next time, Chloé x

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