Invisible Girl By Lisa Jewell

Lisa Jewell is one of my “instant buy” authors and as per usual, she did not disappoint!

Cate and her family have moved to a new area whilst their house is being repaired, but their dreams of this fancy upmarket area are scarpered early on when Cate’s daughter – Georgia, is followed home. They are all spooked.

A number of sexual assaults have happened close by and now everyone is wondering… was it the guy that followed Georgia, did she have a lucky escape?

Her father; Roan, is a child psychologist who has listened to some unthinkable things in his sessions with his patients, but yet has never managed to unlock the true reason why Saffyre has been attending appointments with him for a few years. When he decides to stop the sessions, Saffyre is unhappy, she took a lot of comfort from her time with him.

Unable to let go, Saffyre begins to follow Roan outside of his work and begins to uncover not only Roan’s secrets but also that of others…

Saffyre is the key to figuring out the perpetrator of the assaults but then suddenly she vanishes.

The police think they know what happened but do they really…

Jewell masterfully uses a varying timeline to piece together the moments leading up to Saffyre’s disappearance, and as the story begins to reveal its secrets, it becomes apparent this interconnected complex plot is going to keep me guessing and gasping throughout!

The characters within this story all offer the reader something different to focus on and ponder, but one thing I thought they all brought to the table were the concepts of perception and deception.

I felt that Jewell was testing the reader to not judge a character off what we first see of them from early chapters or from the viewpoint of another character, and to also remember that judging someone goes both ways… yes, we usually judge negatively but also sometimes we believe a bad person to be good, when in fact they are hiding their true selves. So throughout the book, I asked myself if I was perceiving any of the characters in the wrong way, and if any of them were deceiving me. My views changed throughout!

Great pace, great characters and a great plot. 100% recommend!

The Invisible Girl is out now in hardback and eBook versions from Century.

Until next time, Chloé x

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