Mini review: The Glass House by Eve Chase

The Glass House has such an enchanting feel about it, urging you into the forest to watch the Harrington family and Rita from afar. It’s a dark and twisted tale that instantly captures your imagination and has you guessing what will happen next.

Meanwhile in the present setting; which feels a lot lighter but yet the characters are dealing with an array of complex emotions, Sylvie is realising that her mother still has so many secrets she’s never shared, and now that she’s in a coma, she’ll never know… or is the past and the present about to collide?

Chase slowly reveals the secrets of the past throughout the story, building up the momentum and planting even more seeds.

The characters are so wonderfully depicted creating such a strong connection between the reader and them all, making the tale feel even more engrossing. Whilst the main focus of the story is to figure out the connection between the two timelines, each era presents us with other predicaments to figure out, such as should Rita go on a date with Robbie, should she tell Mr Harrington about his wife’s going ons and what will Annie (Sylvie’s daughter) end up doing?

This is such an enticing, dark and atmospheric read that flows in such a natural way. Chase’s writing style is so skilful and spellbinding that it’s hard not to be in your own little bubble when you read this story.

The Glass House is out now in hardback and eBook versions, with the paperback version coming out in December!

Until next time, Chloé x

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