The Ice Cream Girls By Dorothy Koomson

I’ve heard so much about The Ice Cream Girls recently due to the highly anticipated sequel – All My Lies Are True, that came out earlier this year, so I was eager to get cracking on this series.

Told over a varying timeline, this story allows the reader to decide who they believe – Serena or Poppy.

As teenagers both of them ended up being at the scene where Serena’s history teacher was murdered. One walked free but the other went down for it and has spent the last two decades in prison. Each think the other killed him, so who actually did it? Who should we believe?

As the past is revealed and it becomes clear that both have lied and done things that they know were wrong, you’re presented with two unreliable main characters with one bearing an unbelievable grudge on the other. Now that she’s been released from prison, she’s coming for the one that put her there.

Koomson has plotted a psychological thriller that tests the reader’s mind to the limit. Every chapter is cleverly crafted to reveal a little but not a lot, ensuring Koomson remains twenty steps ahead of the reader.

I’ve always been a massive fan of a to and fro timeline and it works to perfection in this story as it helps to highlight the immaturity of the girls as teenagers versus their strength as grown women with their self-assured views and opinions.

Whilst there are only two main characters – Poppy and Serena, the timeline presents you with four main characters: Past Poppy, Present Poppy, Past Serena and Present Serena; giving you even more to contemplate.

With side stories adding another level of suspense, this is a plot that will absorb all your attention throughout, especially with the showstopper ending… what a blimming fantastic end to it all!

If by some chance, you’ve not read The Ice Cream Girls, I urge you to grab it now! It’s available in paperback and eBook versions from Headline Review.

Until next time, Chloé x

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