You Are Not Alone by Greer Hendricks And Sarah Pekkanen

After reading The Wife Between Us not long ago, this was an instant grab when I spotted it in the bookstore. The way these two women string together such a seamlessly complex plot is incredible, if you’re a fan of psychological thrillers that particularly focus on the dynamics between women, these books are for you!

You Are Not Alone follows Shay Miller as she deals with the shock of witnessing something very traumatic. Shay is rather lonely… her job is going nowhere, she hasn’t got any friends and her love life is dormant.

And yet after “THAT DAY”, things begin to change for her, for the better. She has a new job, a new apartment, new friends… her life is on the UP! It’s all thanks to her new friendship with the Moore sisters. They’ve been there for her. But why?

Is Shay just a project for them, or is something deeper going on?

As the reader, you know why the sisters are so interested in Shay but she doesn’t, which creates such an edge-of-the-seat tension between us and the characters. You become worried for Shay and frustrated that she’s not figured it out yet.

Hendricks and Pekkanen have created characters that draw you into their drama and let you experience their emotions alongside them. Whilst you may love Shay and despise the sisters, you’ll still admire the Moore sisters because every move they make is calculated, making them such sophisticated villains. Shay also brings so much to the table for a reader to like, her vulnerability and insecurity that are exposed on these pages through numerous events brought out such empathy within me. Plus she’s such an underdog, and I don’t know about you, but I LOVE an underdog and will always root for them!

This plot explores the correlation between obsession and desperation. How far will you go to get friends? How far will you go to keep a secret?

When do you begin to unravel and desperation to win seeps into your plan? I loved the shifting nature of this plot, who would get what they wanted? It kept my mind whirring away throughout, running off all the suspense!

This is a fantastic thriller that plays heavily on the psychological mind games that women are so prone to use and fall for. I loved the sophisticated edginess of it all.

You Are Not Alone is out now in hardback and eBook from MacMillan.

Until next time, Chloé x

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