The Catch by T.M. Logan

Abbie has brought her new boyfriend home to meet her father, mother and grandma. To her mum and nana, Ryan seems like the perfect gentleman and they are both so happy for Abbie, but her father senses something not quite right about Ryan.

Is Ed just being a protective father, is no man going to be good enough for his baby girl? It sure feels that way to his wife but as the reader, we are brought along for the ride from Ed’s perspective and this gives us an insight into his thought process that Claire (his wife) doesn’t have access to.

A number of small interactions between Ryan and the family cat could easily be explained away, but Ed won’t let it go. They say cats have a sixth sense for predicting imminent danger, perhaps Tilly’s actions towards Ryan should be taken more seriously.

He’s only a boyfriend, perhaps they won’t last… except now they’re announcing their shock engagement and planning to get married next month. If Ed’s instincts are right about Ryan, he needs to act quick but it’s not easy, Ryan seems untouchable, always one step ahead.

At first glance, Ed examines Ryan’s past and finds nothing suspicious, but that in itself seems suspicious. His gut feeling tells him to delve deeper to see if he can uncover dirt. Sadly the more Ed does this, the more deranged he becomes to his family, friends and colleagues.

He’s at the tip of losing everything but he can’t stop. He needs to prove to everyone that Ryan isn’t the man he says he is. Is Ryan actually as bad as Ed thinks or is Ed becoming unhinged?

The power play that Logan manages to tease out between Ed and Ryan makes this plot so tantalisingly interesting. Each chapter presented a different position on this dynamic and ensured that I could never quite guess who was in the wrong until the tables were turned right in front of me. It was the ultimate cat and mouse chase throughout these pages, but who would catch who?

I’m sure this will come as no surprise that there was a MASSIVE twist in this psychological thriller, that shifted the direction of this plot dramatically, but my goodness I didn’t see it coming. There were a number of scenarios that I’d started to envision for the ending of this story and none were on the mark!

The selling point of this plot was the strong characterisation. All of Logan’s key characters went through a metamorphosis change in this story, and whilst not everyone came out as stronger individuals, it was gripping to read the transformations they all made.

The tension crackled through this book and reminded the reader the desperate lengths people will go to, to get what they want.

The Catch is out now from Zaffre books in paperback and eBook versions.

Until next time, stay safe, Chloé x

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