Dead Woman Walking by Sharon Bolton

Ever since I read Daisy in Chains back in 2016, I have always known that a Bolton story would blow my mind, with one of the advantages of lockdown being increased reading time, I decided to go through my Bolton Collection and fill in the gaps I had.

One of the gaps was Dead Woman Walking published in 2017… how did I miss it the first time round?! I’m still racking my brains on that, but what a treat it was!

A hot-air balloon has crashed in the Northumberland National Park, leaving twelve dead and one passenger missing. When the police arrive on the scene it’s clear that the balloon didn’t come down of its own accord, someone ensured it would.

As the reader, we follow the the murderer from the start, so we know why they were so keen to ensure all the passengers on the balloon can never speak another word… and this is why he’s terrified because one woman survived and she could destroy not only him, but his entire family.

It’s a race between the police and the murderer to find Jessica Lane but she won’t be easy to find because she doesn’t want to be found. Jumping between the hunter, the hunted and the police team this multi perspective plot has adrenaline running through the pages, the pace ensured the endorphins were rushing through my body with each twist urging me on… until suddenly I was reading the final sentence and I felt that surge of enjoyment similar to when I finish a run. Bolton takes her readers on a rollercoaster journey through this story that had the most incredible twists.

As thrillers go… this one was perfection.

Dead Woman Walking is out now in paperback and eBook versions from Corgi.

Until next time, stay safe, Chloé x

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