What We Did by Christobel Kent

Bridget has a lovely life, she has a boutique dress shop, a loving husband and a kind teenage son. Everything seems great… but we know it can’t be as it’s a thriller!

Kent reveals that Bridget was groomed by her music teacher as a young girl and it has left her emotionally scarred. When her abuser; Carmichael, walks into her shop with another teenage girl, Bridget feels physically sick. Does he know that it’s Bridget who owns the store?

Unable to focus on her day-to-day life as fear sinks in, Bridget finds herself panicking every time the shop door opens… and then one day, he comes back…

As a grown woman, Bridget has a choice – should she fight back or give in to this monster?

Her choice has consequences. Now she must lie to her family and friends, and deal with the unthinkable things that Carmichael subjects all his victims too.

All those years ago, Gill had been on the cusp of nailing Carmichael through her work as an investigative journalist and now she’s picked up his scent again. Will she be able to de-mask him to the world finally or will his lawyers fight back again?

She’ll not go down without a fight.

But with Gill sniffing around unearthing the truth, will her findings put Bridget’s life in jeopardy?

The way this plot unfolded was nail-bitingly good, the suspense had me on the edge of my seat throughout, I just couldn’t guess how it would all end.

As more of the characters grow suspicious of Bridget’s connection to Carmichael, my adrenaline only increased, I couldn’t turn the pages quick enough.

My favourite aspect of this book was the ever-changing complex plot, I had no idea from the first few pages what would happen next and I adored trying to figure out how it would all fit together. There’s a clever side-story that plays an important part in the story’s finale that hadn’t been on my radar and I was almost kicking myself for not realising its importance. The best bit about this plot, is the number of  side-stories going on, which means I haven’t even spoiled anything, all I’ve done is given you an extra thing to think about when you read it – which subtly planted seed will grow to be of key importance?

Gripping and most definitely packed to the brim with suspense, this is a thriller that will distract you from the every day worries of the current times.

What We Did is out now in paperback and eBook versions from Sphere.

Until next time, stay safe, Chloé x


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