Inheritance by Jenny Eclair

The stunning Kittiwake mansion has been brought back to its glory by Lance’s perfect wife, Freya. Her impeccable style and her vision of a dazzlingly clean yet chic interior is achieved from top to bottom in this gorgeous house. She can’t wait for it to be photographed in one of the esteemed home and lifestyle magazines, the whole world can then see all she’s achieved! Yet when the journalist turns up to interview her, Freya realises that the journalist is much more interested in the sordid and devastating past of her husband’s family and the house.

Jumping from the past to the present with an array of POVs, Eclair builds up the momentum of spilling the beans on the family secrets, but how many secrets are there?

From the blurb and the opening pages we know that Bel is Lance’s adoptive sister. Bel is older than Lance but did not inherit the house for many reasons: 1) she’s adopted, 2) her family seem strict on male heir’s inheriting and 3) her mum despises her.

Why is Natasha so cold to Bel? Why did she adopt Bel if she clearly didn’t want a child that wasn’t her own? Is there more to this adoption than meets the eye?

The past instantly begins to answer these questions but just when you think you understand it all, Eclair throws a curveball and reminds the reader that her characters are not all trustworthy and perhaps some of them are holding back on revealing all that they know.

With such a vast cast of characters, it’s down to Eclair’s incredible talent that allowed me to feel like I knew so many of them individually. There is so much going on in this story and yet it all slots together so seamlessly – I am a big fan of multi generational stories and Inheritance is one of the most captivating ones I’ve read.

Complex and heartfelt, it’s difficult to not be drawn to this book, in fact it radiates warmth… I highly recommend it to all!

Inheritance is out now in hardback and eBook versions from Sphere.

Until next time, stay safe, Chloé x


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