The Treatment by C. L. Taylor

When her brother; Mason, is sent away from home to an academy that calls itself the Residential Reform Academy, Drew is sad that her brother has gone but also slightly relieved as his behaviour was becoming uncontrollable. Plus she’s got enough on her plate, she’s being bullied at school and doesn’t need any more negative emotions when she gets home.

As she runs along the street home, fearful of her bullies catching her, someone grabs her. Her relief when she sees that it’s not one of the girls from school is huge but then the fear kicks in. Why is this woman trying to pass her a note, who is she?

She chases Dr Cobey down the street asking more questions but Cobey won’t say anymore… and then she’s stopped from ever speaking again…

Suspicious right? Drew is even more curious when she unfolds the note and reads her brother’s words. Everything is not what it seems at the academy.

Determined to save her brother, Drew conducts research online that leads her to discover some unsettling information about the Academy. With her mother not taking her seriously, Drew sees only one option: to save her brother from the inside.

This story had serious hook-ability, it grabbed my attention instantly and with its fast pace, I couldn’t put it down. Throughout the chapters, Taylor manages to feed information about the academy to us readers through her characters, whilst also casting a certain level of doubt on who we could trust. I loved that I hard to decide what was fact and what was fiction!

The second half of the book reveals the most shocking twists and the momentum seemed even faster through these parts – a massive adrenaline rush as you race alongside the characters to uncover the whole truth.

A cracking plot concept that Taylor has masterfully explored and delivered to the reader with maximum impact.

The Treatment is out now in paperback and eBook versions from HQ Young Adult.

Until next time, Chloé x



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