To Lahore, With Love by Hina Belitz

This book is charming and heartwarming; the perfect blend of new adventures, cooking and self discovery… what’s not to like?

Addy’s world is crumbling around her in London, and she needs time to heal and work out what her next step is.

A trip to Pakistan allows Addy to spend time with her father’s family, discover more food dishes and most importantly, gives her the space she needs to think.

The story flips from her current timeline of exploring Pakistan to the months/years leading up to the spontaneous trip, giving the reader the pieces to understanding Addy’s puzzle that she’s trying to solve. This added a sense of curiosity to turning each page, as I was wondering when I would discover the whole truth.

My absolute favourite aspect of this book would be the recipes found at the start of each chapter – they were spicy, unusual and had my taste buds tingling. With each recipe having a unique name, such as “Lose Your Rage Chicken Korma” (which I actually made myself and really enjoyed), there were connections weaved throughout the story between the recipes and Addy’s need for them – which I adored.

Belitz has a soothing yet informative writing style, she ensured I was engrossed throughout whilst also comforting my mind and my heart.

Having never been to Pakistan, the vivid detail within these pages took me to the most fascinating places that I couldn’t help but google afterwards. Given the current situation we find ourselves in, being able to transport yourself to another land through words is so satisfying and therapeutic.

Utterly charming throughout with a twist that I didn’t see coming – To Lahore, With Love is a book to be devoured by all that crave escapism and spices!

To Lahore, With Love is out now in eBook and paperback versions from Headline Review. Thank you to Alara for sending me over a proof copy, very grateful to have sampled this delicacy! 

Until next time, Chloé x


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