The Sun Sister by Lucinda Riley

I can’t believe I’ve finished the sixth book in the Seven Sisters series, this series is going so fast and whilst I’m incredibly excited for the last book, I don’t want this magnificent series to end.

I’m used to the flow of these books now so whilst I knew Electra would discover some truth of her biological family from Pa’s letter, and also knew that Riley would take us on a trip into the past to immerse ourselves in one of Electra’s relative’s lives… I’m always excited and blown away by the refreshing and unique plots that each book offers.

Before starting this book, I have to admit I wasn’t the biggest fan of Electra, she hadn’t come across particularly friendly in the previous  books and her “model-like” personality was such a contrast to her sisters that it was difficult to warm to her.

All that changed whilst I read The Sun Sister, I realised the vulnerability within Electra and her deep insecurities. She’s a lost pup and in definite need of being saved. Thankfully her biological grandma comes on the scene and just in the nick of time as Electra is facing a big challenge – keeping off alcohol and drugs. Having a relative that was alive added a more vivid and emotional connection to her past, letting Electra discover the truth through a voice, rather than words on a page.

The “past” chapters reveal the most incredible story of a young lady – Cecily, who travels from New York to Africa in 1939 to stay in her godmother’s spectacular house. Leaving New York as naïve and rather innocent, Cecily is in for some shocks along the way, particularly at her layover in London.

As the pages turn, and Electra’s and Cecily’s stories unravel independently, there’s a sense of similar realisations as they face challenges that change their futures and the strength that continues to grow with them. With Cecily now set to spend her life in Africa alongside her new husband; Bill, Riley again reveals the most fascinating story involving the Maasai tribe – truly moving and spellbinding to read.

This is a story that continued to open up other stories; each chapter unlocked new revelations, emotions and knowledge. The warmth within these pages didn’t just come from the African setting, it came from the strong sisterhood energy present through the past and current story.

With a tonne of characters to fall in love with, there’s someone within these pages that you will relate to, and even if you don’t share common interests… the way Riley develops each individual allows you to appreciate their way of life – I was particularly fond of Bill for these reasons.

Tender, mesmerising and heartfelt, I can guarantee that you’ll get swept away by this atmospheric story.

The Sun Sister is out now in hardback and eBook versions from Pan Macmillan.

Stay safe everyone ♡

Until next time, Chloé x


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