So Lucky by Dawn O’Porter

O’Porter definitely has a style; like The Cows (her first book), So Lucky follows three unique women as they take on the hurdles that life throws at them.

Beth has gone back to work very quickly after giving birth to Tommy, but she’s the wedding planner on the biggest celebrity wedding of the year; which is important for both her career progression and the money it brings home. She’s finding the balance of work and home life, a struggle and although her husband is a hands-on perfect dad, their relationship has its own troubles.

Ruby has a condition that she’s letting control her life, her self confidence is at an all time low and she’s struggling with her daughter; Bonnie.

Our final character is Lauren, and similar to how we got to know Cam in The Cows; we get to know Lauren through social media, this time it’s Instagram posts that give us an insight into Lauren’s life… but how “real” is it?

Whilst the formula for the story is the same: three main female characters, a very modern writing style and tonnes of girl power; this story offers us a completely, new and refreshing plot as Beth, Ruby and Lauren explore their vulnerabilities and knock them on the head.

It’s a book that had me snorting with laughter as O’Porter really doesn’t hold back on exploring the thoughts and going-ons of her characters, but her bold choice of words and topics won’t be for everyone… let’s just say I won’t be suggesting this to my mum!

With the changing narrative and short chapters, it’s an easy enjoyable read that I finished in hardly anytime.

O’Porter has carved herself her own section within the chick-lit genre, one that breaks through the barriers and discusses sex, female empowerment and the struggles women face in a world full of false perfection. Whether you love or hate the main characters, there will be something within these pages that any reader will relate to.

So Lucky is out now in hardback and eBook versions from HarperCollins.

Until next time, Chloé x


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