At Your Door by J. P. Carter

A body has been found in Barnes Common, and when DCI Anna Tate discovers the poor girl’s identity, she knows this is going to be a high profile case. The victim’s mother is running her campaign to be London’s Mayor.

Despite Anna and her team’s motivation to close this case ASAP, answers are not appearing, instead more questions need to be asked as the interviewees fail to tell the truth. Which one is hiding the key to solving this case?

When Holly’s ex-boyfriend is revealed to also be a high up member of parliament, and with Holly having only recently threatened to sell all his secrets to the press, his motive is obvious. But was it really him?

With Holly also having a creepy stepfather, another stalker ex and her overbearing aunt and uncle; the more Anna delves into this case, the more she discovers. They’re all hiding secrets.

Meanwhile The Evening Standard has just run a 2 part piece on Anna’s missing daughter; Chloe. Ten years ago, Anne’s ex husband left without a trace taking Chloe; Matthew did it to punish Anna. Years have gone by with no developments until it was discovered that Matthew and Chloe had returned to the UK using fake passports. Sadly it was all too late as Matthew had been murdered, with Chloe vanishing again with a mystery woman. Will the newspaper articles jog any memories?

This side of the plot is explored more with a new POV, someone who might have answers for Anna but they’re scared… they will lose everything if the truth is revealed.

With two stories unraveling at once, this plot has serious hook-ability.

You all know I love a good detective thriller and Carter’s writing style has made him soar into my top three writer’s in this genre. DCI Anna is likeable, dependable and determined – I fell in love with her.

This story is intense and full of twists… in a nutshell, it’s brilliant! The ending had me on the edge of my seat. As the pages towards the end got thinner, I was panicking that Carter would leave it on a cliff hanger and continue the plot into book three… all I’ll say is – GREAT ENDING. Talk about building up to a climatic moment?! I’m shaking my head even now, a week later, about the shock factor of THAT ending. BRILLIANT.

At Your Door is the second in the DCI Anna Tate series. I read this as a standalone and whilst there were links to the previous story, I didn’t feel that it stopped me from enjoying this as  an individual story.

I was very lucky to win a copy of this book from a give-away on Avon’s twitter page – if you’re not following them… why not? 

At Your Door is out now in paperback and eBook versions!

Until next time, Chloé x



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