I Know You by Annabel Kantaria

In California, Taylor was surrounded by her friends and family but now she’s in Croydon, she’s so lonely. Jake; her husband, pushes her to go out and make “actual” friends after he jokes that Twitter and Instagram are her only friends.

Determined to make this move work for them, Taylor joins a walking club. She’s desperate to meet someone like her who can be her best friend. Simon chats to her on the first walk and whilst he’s clearly lonely too, and a little geeky, she knows she’s at least made one new friend, but the search for a new BFF continues.

When Anna comes along, Taylor knows she’s the one. Tay pulls out all the stops to make Anna like her and before long it works. Anna is now her rock, her confidant, her coffee buddy… Taylor’s loneliness begins to go.

Things are now brightening up for Taylor as she’s also been invited to book club by her neighbour; Sarah. With Simon, Anna, Sarah and also Caroline in her life; she’s finally got plans and people to gossip to (and about!).

Meanwhile we’ve got another haunting POV that makes their voice known every few chapters. Someone is stalking someone. But who (on both accounts) and why?

Trying to guess the two who’s became my prize. I wanted to know who it was before it was revealed but it was REALLY hard to actually lock in a theory! Kantaria expertly draws out suspicion in all the characters including Taylor. They were all on social media excessively, all admitted to knowing things because they’d already seen it on the other’s profile. To put it bluntly, it could have been any of them; and so patience became key as I bided my time and stored up the nuggets of information skilfully dropped into each chapter.

Up to a certain point in the book, all we knew was that someone is stalking someone else, but the characters are not aware of it… until Kantaria decides to ramp it up a gear and allow one of the characters to admit they may be the one being stalked. The tension is now high. Which character is hiding behind a mask?

Taylor isn’t sure what to make of it all but she’s also distracted by even bigger problems at home – she thinks Jake is cheating on her. With his not perfect past and her weighted emotions from being pregnant, Taylor doesn’t know what to think and her new friends aren’t exactly reassuring her on the matter…

The twist took me by complete surprise, I did NOT see it coming and was kicking myself afterwards! Kantaria’s exceptional writing brings a lot of energy into every page in this book and urges you to keep reading, it was quite frankly addictive – I finished the book in a single afternoon!

I Know You is out now in paperback and eBook versions from HQ.

I was very lucky to grab a copy of this at a HQ event, I chose to review it here on my blog to say thanks!

Until next time, Chloé x


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