Those People by Louise Candlish

The residents of Lowland Way are very proud of their street; everyone seems to get on, everyone knows everyone and they even close the road on a Sunday to allow their kids to run free and play safely. It all sounds like a suburban dream and the residents are highly smug about it too!

When Jean passed away the residents were curious to see who would live in No.1, but they hadn’t even contemplated the thought that they may end up with a nightmare neighbour.

The neighbourhood is delivered a massive blow, Darren and Jodie are THE definition of nightmare neighbours. Here’s just a few examples of what they are like: knocking down a garden wall, that the neighbours had all campaigned with Jean to keep; parking a dozen cars on the street outside other people’s houses and refusing to move them on Sundays for the kids; loud music blaring late into the night; DIYing without ever seemingly making progress… oh the list goes on!

The neighbours are trapped. Even if they wanted to sell, no one would want to buy their houses with the disruption at No.1 evident 24/7. Poor Sissy who had set up a B&B in her house is now losing all her guests as they complain of the noise throughout the night.

Something has to happen.

The prologue opens with an extract from Ralph talking to the police. There’s been a death. Have the neighbours got what they’ve been wishing for?

The plot then flits back to 8 weeks previously and builds up the story telling the tale from multiple neighbours, with each chapter beginning with an extract from the police interviews linked to the POV for this particular chapter – continually building up the suspicion of what the hell has happened?

As the past collides with the present, Candlish reveals the shocking truth which completely threw me. I was back to square one, all the scenarios I had thought up needed scrapping and I began again trying to work out what was going on.

The twists kept on coming as Candlish further explored her characters and dug out their darkest thoughts. The second half of the book seemed to be a continuous fireworks display as “bang” a secret is revealed, “bang” the plot changes direction and “bang” the police shift gear and hone in on someone else.

With so many sub plots being explored, it’s a book that continued to capture my attention and I flew through this book in a day. An incredible book to follow Our House, and it ensures that Candlish remains in my “instant grab” category.

Our House is out now in hardback and eBook versions through Simon & Schuster.

Until next time, Chloé x


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