The Little Café in Copenhagen by Julie Caplin

Josh Delaney is one of those men that you instantly despise. He’s smug, overly confident and still sees men as more important in business. Sadly Kate hadn’t realised this because she’d been blindsided by his good looks and dreamy kisses. Josh’s true colours were revealed to Kate in the most magnificently horrible way – he’d stolen her promotion at work and claimed her idea as his. Kate is crushed. Her boss offers her a PR job that no-one else wants to touch as it seems destined to go wrong but Kate is desperate to prove herself.

Finding herself in Copenhagen with six journalists to chaperone for five days, Kate is feeling overwhelmed but determined to prove everyone wrong.

The client, Lars, is opening a store in the UK to bring the Danish way of happiness and hygge to us Brits. The idea is that the journalists will experience it all first hand in Copenhagen: food, interior design, clothes… in simple to understand all things danish!

Eva’s café becomes the hub for all, especially Kate who begins to unwind and reflect under Eva’s wise and watchful eyes. The cosy and welcoming environment allows friendship to thrive, and each of the journalists have their own moment of self discovery. Caplin really made sure that the Danish way worked its magic on her characters and it’s also working on me too! I want to enjoy the little things more and I definitely want to go to Copenhagen now!

After the disastrous end to her relationship with Josh, Kate isn’t looking for love but it somehow finds her…

This was such a comfort read for me, and it really lifted my mood. The charming streets of Copenhagen came alive through Caplin’s words, which are also highly atmospheric; so you not only picture the scenes, but you feel the smells of the food, you feel the rush of emotions and you begin to experience the hygge effect on yourself!

With twists dotted throughout, you’re never sure if the happy ever after you’re craving will materialise – Caplin keeps you on your toes!

Relaxing, sweet and full of positive energy – I enjoyed reading this treat of a book!

The Little Café in Copenhagen is out now in paperback and eBook to enjoy from Harper Impulse.

Until next time, Chloé x


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