One Summer in Paris by Sarah Morgan

When Grace surprises David on Valentine’s Day with a month long trip to Paris to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary, she never expected David to be leaving her. And yet he has. Her daughter; Sophie, is adamant her mum should still go. But even though a month in a glorious hotel suite in stunning Paris sounds ideal, it’s also a painful reminder that she’s all alone and not in love.

Audrey sees a job offer that could get her away from her mum for the summer; she does love her it’s just…

Even though Audrey doesn’t speak the language or read books, she jumps at the opportunity of the free accommodation that comes with working at a bookshop in Paris.

What happens next is beautiful. I think Morgan has created one of my most favourite pairings in a book… ever! Grace craves distraction and something to focus on; as a serial organiser, it’s hard for her to switch off. Audrey needs someone to help her break through the language barrier and save her job. Together they compliment each other perfectly, they are yin and yang, total opposites and yet they each have the gift to grow each other into stronger, kinder and caring people.

As the story unravels Morgan wonderfully allows their friendship to blossom and offers so many wise words that will mean this book will touch any reader.

Paris comes alive on these pages through Morgan’s descriptive and atmospheric writing style. I was craving french food throughout and even gave in at one point, and bought cheese and a crusty baguette to munch on as I continued to read!

With a wonderful bookstore at the centre of this story, it’s a reader’s dream as it sweeps you up in the mystique of the customers and the intrigue of dusty old books.

Morgan has created two women who each bring along emotional baggage to Paris and find away to let it go. Captivating, beautifully descriptive and characterised to perfection. Morgan has created the ultimate comfort read that will lift your spirits and have you smiling throughout.

One Summer in Paris is out NOW in paperback and eBook versions by HQ.

I was lucky enough to receive a free copy of this book in the post from HQ, thanks guys! I chose to review it here on my blog to share the happiness of this book with you all!

Until next time, Chloé x


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