Finding Dorothy by Elizabeth Letts

I absolutely adored the movie: Saving Mr Banks, which tells the story of P. L. Travers’ involvement in the Mary Poppins movie and flashes back to her childhood, giving an insight on how the story and characters came to her for the book.

Finding Dorothy has a similar concept.

When The Wizard of Oz was finally made into a movie, L. Frank Baum had long since passed but his wife; Maud, was determined to make sure the movie depicted Frank’s Oz in the right way. At first Maud is sceptical that the producers and writers understand Frank’s magical world, but she soon discovers that her need on set is for far greater reasons. As the scenes are filmed, Maud’s memory is jolted by her past and sweeps the reader back to when she and Frank met.

Letts has created the most wonderful story about love, sacrifice, trust and optimism. From her detailed research, she’s managed to weave the most extraordinary fictional tale with so many facts. I found it fascinating how Letts linked so many parts of Frank and Maud’s lives to be the inspiration behind certain aspects of Frank’s books! The explanation of who Dorothy was based on, also seems so probable.

Whilst it’s clear from history what a formidable lady Maud was, Letts has managed to bring her back to life through these pages – her personality, her happiness, her suffering and everything else – have been written with such description, emotion and care, that I felt an instant, raw connection with Maud; a feeling that Letts manages to create with all of the characters.

Utterly spellbinding from start to finish, I can’t begin to put into words how much this story took me by surprise. What a fascinating couple that led such a colourful life, I’m so pleased Letts chose to bring their story alive.

Finding Dorothy is out NOW in hardback and eBook versions from Quercus.

*I received a free copy of this book from the publishers, it was my choice to review it here on my blog*

Until next time, Chloé x


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