Blog Tour: Sleep by C.L. Taylor

After a tragic car accident with her work colleagues, Anna is unable to slip back into her old life. Grief and guilt has taken hold of her and she seeks somewhere completely different and quieter than the city, to rebuild her life and rid the demons in her mind, that are playing on her paranoia.

A job on a remote Scottish island, working in the only hotel, seems like the answers to all her prayers, as she’ll be busy all day with people’s demands, with little time for her own thoughts. Or so she thinks…

A storm traps the guests of a walking trip in the hotel for days, and it becomes apparent that Anna has not escaped her past, in fact someone is going to make sure she remembers and worse…

Taylor has crafted a story that crackles with tension. It is extremely well-plotted and really took hold of me from the very start.

Each character’s backstory brought additional topics to the table, making the plot even more haunting and evocative. The more I learnt about them, the more I became sceptical and suspicious of them.

Taylor has such a knack with characters, she creates the kind that suck you in and demand your full attention from start to finish. I was also a big fan of the link Taylor used with Anna’s ex boyfriend – Alex. At first it’s unclear why this sub-story is kept alive, which of course made me highly intrigued, and as the story began to build and weave into the main plot, I felt sparks flying around in my head as I tried to connect all the dots.

Taylor has planted so many seeds in this book that set your mind off in the wrong direction, she is in complete control of the reader throughout! There is a jaw dropping twist close to the middle of the story that I just DIDN’T SEE COMING! “Twists galore” doesn’t even seem to summarise the rollercoaster journey you’ll take as you turn the pages in this book!

I think a lot of people will be grabbing this book for their summer holidays or as a weekend read, as it’s got so many different storylines for the reader to embrace… although perhaps don’t read it when you’re on a small island – unless you love an increased heart rate and enjoy being even further immersed in a story!! Taylor has created a setting that manages to ooze claustrophobia, fear, paranoia and insomnia all at once, quite possibly the most frighteningly perfect setting for a psychological thriller!

Sleep is out now in hardback and eBook and is currently at a bargain price of £4.99 for the hardback version over on Amazon UK… also try your local supermarkets too, as they usually have these books at incredible prices!

This post is part of a blog tour for Sleep, if you’d like to find out even more about this book, here are some of my other blogger friends that have posts coming up:


Thank you to Sabah and Nelima for organising this wonderful blog tour and providing me with a free copy of the book to write this book!

Until next time, Chloé x

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