Since We Fell by Dennis Lehane

Lehane has the most mesmerising writing style that instantly drew me in. Whilst his style is unique, it had a ‘Grisham’ effect on me, I knew instantly that I was in safe hands and in for a treat!

The prologue and blurb shock you, as it reveals Rachel has shot her husband. The ‘why’ is not divulged. The story then sweeps back and builds up Rachel’s childhood and early adult years, revealing more about her personality and the memories that have shaped her.

Looking back on this book, I’m in awe of how much Lehane packed into just over 400 pages, so much of Rachel’s life is covered through this story!

This book has a magical pull about it, it just grabs you and absorbs you into a plot that is full of paranoia, twists and intrigue. It’s not like a typical crime thriller, whilst the suspense and shock factor are present, it also focuses heavily on self discovery and recovery. I personally think this made the book more unique and I liked the slow burn effect it added to the plot. Some people might be put off by this, and usually I am, but I feel Lehane managed to pull it out the bag due to his strong characterisation skills. All of the characters bring so much to the table; be it they’re relatable or unreliable, they just add so much colour to the story.

My only niggle; and the reasons why it’s a 4 star rating, I’d have liked the ending to have been drawn out a bit more, it felt a little rushed, which was disappointing since I can’t fault the first 300 pages of this book.

It’s on Amazon UK for £2 at the moment, so well worth adding to your basket if you fancy something a little different, and I’d love to know if you enjoyed Lehane’s descriptive, thoughtful and intriguing writing style!

Until next time, Chloé

P.S. Many thanks to my awesome wedding planner for recommending me this!


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