Now You See Her by Heidi Perks

Charlotte was taking her kids to the school fete, she’d offered to take Harriet’s daughter too. Harriet, who is usually very attached to Alice, agrees this time. It works well for Harriet as she’s off out to her bookkeeping course.

Charlotte’s eldest two want to go on the Jungle Run; Evie, her youngest doesn’t want to go. So Charlotte waits on the other side with Evie, as Alice elects to join the others. Except Alice never comes down the slide. She’s vanished.

Charlotte is devastated she’s lost her best friend’s daughter and it was her who had been pushing it on Harriet to leave Alice with them.

How will she explain it to Harriet?

The story is split into two sections – Charlotte’s story and Harriet’s story. At first it seems Parks has done this to give the reader the two perspectives, but it turns out to be for WAYYY more reasons. Honestly, the way Parks has crafted this story, still takes my breath away as I write this review! The ingenuity of how the dots are connected together is next level good!

Nothing is quite what it seems in this book, and with its fast pace, Perks managed to always stay a dozen steps ahead of my mind, so I never got close enough to guessing the truth until it was fully revealed to me.

The psychological thriller genre is getting crowded, making it harder for a book to stand out and for a reader to be truly ‘WOWed’ by it, so I’ve found my expectations are on the low side when I pick up a new book in this genre. Now You See Me completely blew all my exceptions and stands out from the crowd. It’s one of those ‘belter’ of a books that you can easily recommend.

With outstanding writing, a very clever plot and twists galore, if you’ve not read it yet, go grab it NOW! (Plus it’s in paperback now so even easier to pack in your bag and hold!)

Now You See Her is available now in hardback, paperback and eBook. It’s currently at a bargain price of 99p for the eBook version!

Until next time, Chloé x



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