The Girl Next Door by Phoebe Morgan

Clare lives next door to Jane and her family. Jane’s son; Harry, thinks she’s fit and Jane’s husband; Jack, has stared at her the odd few times. Clare’s stepdad; Ian, is rumoured to have a turbulent relationship with her. But we can’t ask Clare for her say on it all, as she’s dead.

Clare’s body is found with a severe head wound, on the meadow close by to everyone’s houses. Are the children safe? Is there a murderer on the loose?

DS Madeline Shaw is on the case.

The story is told from three perspectives: Jane’s, Madeline’s and Clare’s, and that order also reflects how much of the story is told from each characters’ perspective. I found it absolutely fascinating that Morgan focused on telling the story from Jane’s viewpoint, it seems unnatural to see it all through a neighbour’s eye, and of course, revs up the suspicion towards Jane’s family.

But are they actually involved? Old accusers and a secret boyfriend pop out of the woodwork creating a rather large cast of suspects – it’s hard to guess where the story will end up.

Every once in a while, Clare’s timeline of the day leading up to her death, teases the reader and reveals crucial clues that open up through the following chapters.

Morgan has undoubtedly created a plot that grips the reader instantly, carefully reveals secrets to maximum effect and, builds up momentum throughout by skillfully switching viewpoints, each time on a cliffhanger.

Jane is the ultimate character for this psychological thriller; whilst the murder case unravels, Jane’s own secrets are revealed and my, my, myyyyyyy there’s a lot of dark secrets in that family.

Definitely a ‘one sitting kinda book’ – 100% recommend!

The Girl Next Door is out now in paperback and eBook forms by HQ. I was very lucky to receive a free copy of this book from the publishers and chose to share my thoughts on it here!

Until next time, Chloé x



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